Now, How thirsty and slack do you have to be to strap a dick to a doll???

Why would a MAN even think about pulling that shit out???

Why would she do this??? Talk about Ill Built damm…lol

Love in The Club gone Wrong. Why bitches gotta be so Janky???

Why she so Gully about poppin that lumpy ass tit. Self Exam folks!!

Khia done talked much shit about that azz clown Nicki Minaj but Yet she pulling this low-budget shit…

Look Familiar….

I guess Boney ass men are Sexy now…He needs to step it up

Now he might be Having some drug issues but this is how its suppose to look….like a GROWN man

Either a matinee or DVD… Looks funny. built like a sack of Laundry LoL


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