*Quick Nutz* *Rants* *Sounds*

The cast of  Fox network’s GLEE got the Cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Good for them BUT I can help but notice that the people of color were not included.

Now I wasn’t even expecting to see the fat black girl nowhere near this or any other cover but she is on the show, she is cute and can sing and is the most recognizable out of the whole cast but who cares about that Right???

I’m shocked that RS decided to pass on the pretty Asian girl. I guess they think that only white folk watch the show…smh

They Missed the Gay guy that represents the Gay community

Well you get the picture. Another white – washed cover for the masses Enjoy!!!

Kentucky Fried Chicken must be out of their fucking minds to come up wit this nasty shit.

Just Look at it..YUCK!!!

I guess this is their easter best.Oh! Shit she got on FLATS..I’m so tired of all of it.

Internet star B.Scott doing his alter ego thang..WOW!!!

Hood Buggers doing It Big..LMAO!!!

What is this Clown Talking about “Bitches are my sons” You don’t respond but yet you responing…Yeah…Roger that!!

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