Is this TRUE?????

YOOOOOO! Am I late or What Is this shit???? Brandy and Ray-J got a Big Brother Danyelle Brown AKA “C-Dove”

Look I believe it he sounds and looks just like Ray – J and look if it’s for the money well hey they act like they are such a loving and GIVING family so help ya fam and get to know him. He seems sincere… Neffer??? really and does he have like 6 kids maybe I’m counting wrong lol

OH and here is Brandy explaining why she sings in the bathroom all the damm time. She looks like Dove’s Daughter above…I’m just Saying…

 Look now whether you believe the talk about Beyoncé and Jay-Z worshipping the Devil and all that Jazz, They sure know how to keep shit going. I have to say If it is speculation why would you even want to entertain that negative shit with shit like the above. Fuck the shirt with the nasty words, who cares about the coochie cutters, the hat, the Judge Dredd boots, Look at the ring it looks like Baphomet demon.

It’s nobody’s business what these two do but they are in the public eye and people really think they drink blood and slaughter goats in the name of Beelzebub. I just want to know WHY would you flaunt the shit that people think equals evil and Makes them uncomfortable…WHY???

Que from Day 26, yeah the Gay one, Well look at his DICK!!!! It’s PIERCED

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