*Quick Nutz*

I say it’s a Fact Kourtney is the Oldest and the Prettiest sister. Kim’s surgery looks too tight and swollen, Khole I just never liked her I can say what I want Image…That is All

Jenny Hudson Baby Boy is SO SWEET!!!

Dwight Howard’s Baby Boy is a Cutie too bad his mama is on that Dumb ass show and it’s not helping her “Groupie Image”

Stacey Dash was NEVER a good actress but she has always been pretty. I must say to be 40 and still doing ass shots, its says alot…Whatever Works Right???

Who is paying To see this????

What Ya’ll think is the old Kim coming Back???

So are you going to watch Jersey Shore takes M.I.A. ??

Snooki is always hitting somebody. I hope this season she gets her nose broken..lol

This is M.I.A. the Paper Planes singer… the video is confusing and I don’t like the song…

Kim get Your OWN!!!

So Porn star Jenna Jameson is getting her ass handed to her by her husband Tito Ortiz who by the way is a 6-foot-3, 205-pound former light heavyweight champ of Ultimate Fighting and she Fucked for a living is  5-foot-7, 110-pounds. Damm when will men learn to keep their hands to themselves. In Jenna case Tito pound the pussy not the Face…lol

The sun might be setting on the Poison star….Send him a Prayer

I like!!!


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