Just Do It!!

I love LeBron James and I wish him all the best. Folks that’s going “hard in the paint” about his decision need to ask yourself the same question. What do You want Him To Do???? I say Mr.James DO YOU make that money and be happy FUCK CLEVELAND that’s what you get basing your WHOLE economy on ONE person. How long did ya’ll think he was gonna … Continue reading Just Do It!!

*REAL Quick Nut*

Either Mrs. Carey has a serious Thyroid problem or maybe…..wait for it…She is PREGNANT. I’m 7 months right now and I have to ask myself where is all that swelling coming from.  Why is she so swollen , I’m not swollen but whatever Mariah go lay down, drink some water and stay away from the SALT! If she is in FACT knocked up what is … Continue reading *REAL Quick Nut*