Dead On Flop

These two being dead isn’t all that bad. Nah never wish death on anybody lol. That’s why these ads are horrid

One Person’s Opinion was right to the point on this stupid ass campaign. She said it!:

DEZ says:

The thing that fascinates me about this whole ordeal is that all these celebs have enough money to donate & raise between themselves!! Why ask the general public who don’t even have a quarter of what you have, to come out of pocket for a cause that is nice in theory, but out of reach for the people who are struggling in their own ways. If you are fortunate enough to be paid millions to act, sing & dance why not give back to the community that you so desperately want to help YOURSELF!!!

The tacky “beautifull” photographs of the “dead” celebs were a slap in the face to all that are truly suffering. How does Kim Kardashian all glammed up in a coffin express true suffering and desperation of those in need of urgent care??? Its tasteless and its egotistical to no end on how they went about this campaign. It irritates the hell out of to see them act like they are making some sort of major sacrifice for the common good of others.

Its times like this when I have some real admiration for celebs like Angelina Jolie, because at least she not only gives a substantial amount of income away to various charities, but she also gets down in the dirt with the rest of them. She’s not afraid of interacting with those enslaved in poverty and disease, while also bringing awareness to the rest of the world. People give her such a hard time and then go and praise these selfish buffoons for nothing!
Thank you Toya for posting the TRUTH about this campaign, while other sites stay riding their fancy coat tails.

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