Django Unchained


Hands down the best movie I have seen in a long time. It had everything in it a love story, funny parts and yes the parts that make you uncomfortable Slavery. I really want to touch on the slavery aspect of the movie because too many times black directors (Spike Lee) feel that they can speak for us all and lay claim to a period in history that stings to the core with may blacks. Its not just black history its AMERICAN history lets not forget.

Quentin Tarantino (huge fan right here) wrote and directed this movie I commend him for staying true the savage and inhuman treatment of blacks during that time. The use of “Nigger” was use a bunch but it also was 1865 in the dirty dirty south (takes place in Texas and Mississippi). Shit that don’t even mean nothing because it’s 2013 and Nigger or Nigga is used just as much lol. Anyway Those  scenes were hard to watch but that is the way I read about in and the way it was described in slave letters. Mandingo fights, the relationship between the slave and master (Sam Jackson was a hardcore House Nigger too lol).

I think it was cool that the movie was release now because it’s the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. Did Tarantino know that or was he aiming for the Oscar, don’t know I’m gong to say both. All in All the movie was a wonderful tale of triumph and revenge. Not a spaghetti western making fun of slaves like Spike Lee, who said he didn’t see the movie, would have you to believe. A high light of the movie is when Leonardo DiCaprio (huge stan right here) hit the screen he play the hell out of his part. I liken it to what Denzel Washington did in Training Day, he was a beast and deserves any award given Hell they all do!, Sam Jackson didn’t disappoint he was in rare form lol

My suggestion……..GO SEE DJANGO UNCHAINED!!!!!

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