Vanity Fair????


“Life is But a Dream” is the name of  Beyonce new documentary that aired on HBO this past Saturday. This was suppose to be her swan song of her career and life thus far. The show was  90 minutes which was kinda long for a documentary but I guess the viewer was led to believe that you was going to learn something new…Well there were a few things NEW. So without further a due here is what I learned from “Life is But a Dream”

1. She loves her Husband ALOT!!!!!…


Nothing wrong with that by any means. I liked it that she gushes love when she even speaks his name. Is a beautiful thang. I also like the moment that she raised a glass to her man and stated that he made her into a Woman. Loved that!!!


She comes off childlike sometime but in this light I could see how Jay rubbed off on Beyonce.

2. Beyonce did carry a baby… lol


This really doesn’t put rumors to rest simply because when she paned to the torso her head wasn’t in the shot or vice versa sounds silly I know but it was mention alot and its true that silhouette ^^^^^could be anybody but okay whoever it is she is clearly preggers lol


I did find is curious that she was humping and pumping, jumping and shit on stage going hard while pregnant. Now in one scene she was talking about a miscarriage. One would think that she would be MORE CAUTIOUS with is one but baby she went on business as usual and that was a flag for me because I experience the pregnancy thing and in the third trimester my hips locked up on me and i walked like a cowboy. I wasn’t big but i would not be stretching and singing as hard as she was during love on top at the awards. I know ladies are different but not that different she must me a mutant lol

3. Moments with Blue Ivy


Beyonce was lovely to watch with her daughter Blue she looked natural. I wish she would hold her better but non the less I didn’t get any fakeness in these moments I liked that she looked good. I related to Bey for that moment.

4. If anybody gave birth it was Jigga cuz That is HIS DAUGHTER

jaybabyShe look like her daddy. Blue is a cutie. In this scene there was a baby crying in the voice over but Blue was just looking so who ever dubbed the sound fucked up there…lol Let me say this Jay is not the best looking man but he is not ugly like everybody loves to say so i have seen folks saying bad shit about the baby she is going to be fine in the looks department. Now you wanna talk celebrity kids with questionable looks uummmm….Bobbi Christina….Hello!!!!

5. Beyonce is Beyonce


I didn’t learn anything new about her. She still has a time trying to explaining herself. She starts out deep and I’m like okay I feel you then it goes left and I’m like ugh…what??? lol This was for the DIE- HARD fans/stans. Nothing new here folks but she wants you to stick around because there is more stuff to come from Bey..

6. I watched her Super Bowl performance in this Documentary O_o

BeyonceShe showed her performances in “Life is but a Dream” but I thought I was seeing some new shit at the Super Bowl. I hope she has some NEW material for this because her stuff is flashy but its old.


We can ALL relate that Life is what you make it. So follow ya dreams forge new paths and take care of your precious cargo, babies family that type of stuff. Remember these are humans they make mistakes lie and fuck just like You and Me so don’t take what they say for value…At the End of the Day Beyonce is calculating and an album has to be sold Concert tickets have to be bought so she giving shit to you shit you  wanted for 15 years take it enjoy it and move on like the song says!!!!

Catch Ya’ll Later!!!! Thanks for Reading!!!!

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