Vanity Fair????

“Life is But a Dream” is the name of  Beyonce new documentary that aired on HBO this past Saturday. This was suppose to be her swan song of her career and life thus far. The show was  90 minutes which was kinda long for a documentary but I guess the viewer was led to believe that you was going to learn something new…Well there were … Continue reading Vanity Fair????

Django Unchained

Hands down the best movie I have seen in a long time. It had everything in it a love story, funny parts and yes the parts that make you uncomfortable Slavery. I really want to touch on the slavery aspect of the movie because too many times black directors (Spike Lee) feel that they can speak for us all and lay claim to a period in … Continue reading Django Unchained

Dead On Flop

These two being dead isn’t all that bad. Nah never wish death on anybody lol. That’s why these ads are horrid One Person’s Opinion was right to the point on this stupid ass campaign. She said it!: DEZ says: The thing that fascinates me about this whole ordeal is that all these celebs have enough money to donate & raise between themselves!! Why ask the general public … Continue reading Dead On Flop

*Quick Nutz*

I say it’s a Fact Kourtney is the Oldest and the Prettiest sister. Kim’s surgery looks too tight and swollen, Khole I just never liked her I can say what I want Image…That is All Jenny Hudson Baby Boy is SO SWEET!!! Dwight Howard’s Baby Boy is a Cutie too bad his mama is on that Dumb ass show and it’s not helping her “Groupie Image” Stacey Dash was NEVER … Continue reading *Quick Nutz*