Vanity Fair????

“Life is But a Dream” is the name of  Beyonce new documentary that aired on HBO this past Saturday. This was suppose to be her swan song of her career and life thus far. The show was  90 minutes which was kinda long for a documentary but I guess the viewer was led to believe that you was going to learn something new…Well there were … Continue reading Vanity Fair????

*Quick Nutz* Sights and Sounds

You know this shit right here is just nasty. She acts like she is so dainty but yet her pussy is in full display. Everybody is going in on Lady Ga Ga  and her boring ass trashy Video for “Telephone” that no one is checking this bitch. Look if you think this Janky ass dance Beyoncé is doing is okay well then you need to check your priorities. This old ass over-sexed winch stretching … Continue reading *Quick Nutz* Sights and Sounds

Fuckery on Flim + Quick Nutz Yay!!!!

It’s Brazil so is it safe to say she will go on to Prostitution?….Yes! There are Men who Think little girls and boys are SEXY..smh I see why Dwight Howard don’t want his Baby Mama to speak his Name…Then again I think this is why he Fucked Her??? I smelled Beyoncé’s HEAT so you don’t have to. Now if you want to smell like a Pissed … Continue reading Fuckery on Flim + Quick Nutz Yay!!!!

*Sights And Sounds*

Trina is Trying To get Some Shine…. Trina and Lady Gaga???? Odd Couple… Can you say Band Wagon lol Trina + Keri Hilson + Diddy = Garbage New Video Trina – My Attitude *She does realize that is 2010 not 1995* Lovely Song. I just don’t get Why Monica hasn’t POPPED yet?? Com’on People Anthem for the Fellas??? Usher….I kinda like it Keke I remeber … Continue reading *Sights And Sounds*