Vanity Fair????

“Life is But a Dream” is the name of  Beyonce new documentary that aired on HBO this past Saturday. This was suppose to be her swan song of her career and life thus far. The show was  90 minutes which was kinda long for a documentary but I guess the viewer was led to believe that you was going to learn something new…Well there were … Continue reading Vanity Fair????

*Hey There Reader*

I know Ya’ll come to Media Ejaculation for That good shit. Well I just want to let Ya’ll Know that I will now be posting Late Night so you will have new Content by the A.M. It’s a New Year and I’m doing and learning new things so please bear with me.  I want to give you new and different content besides the usual whose fuckin who’s not that … Continue reading *Hey There Reader*

*New Year Quick Nutz*

This is Gonna be a Long Hard Nut, So Enjoy Jay-Z Debuted his new Hit “On to the next One” right after the Ball Dropped. This video don’t stop people from thinking he is A Mason I see Diamond from Crime Mob got a new Joint that will only be played in ATL…lol “if you a bad bitch through your pussy at him”….So ummm … Continue reading *New Year Quick Nutz*

Top 10 Of 2009…

Here is my list of the Top 10 events and happenings that have left me and maybe you baffled this lovely 2009…I cant believe it’s been 10 Years already…lol 10. Rhianna     I can say this Rihanna has become a huge star and a blog mainstay. She was big when she won a Grammy for “Umbrella” but she shot to the moon that fateful night … Continue reading Top 10 Of 2009…