Ne-Yo is Upset Bcuz He Worships the Devil???

As you have heard singer Tiffany Evans said Rihanna worships the devil. She also feels that there is an underlining message of “kill Yourself” in Rih Rih New single Russian Roulette.

No one wants to listen because Tiffany doesn’t  have a mohawk or leather on so we’ll see if somebody blows their brains out behind this bullshit 


Well Ne-Yo worte the song and he is none too happy because he worships the devil??….Ne-Yo Says:


There are no satanic messages in the music. Maybe if we did a remake of ‘Promise Ring’ (Tiffany’s hit single), then Rihanna wouldn’t be a devil worshipper. People are so closed-minded. The song is not literal. Like most provocative art, its symbolism. Grow up. I’m never going to defend my art. I create it and then it’s out of my hands. So reviews don’t hurt me, but Tiffany’s unrealistic take on the song really urked me because idiots breed idiots. Bottom line, she is in the music business so she understands that the song is not indicative of the artist views, but rather, it’s the brainchild and vision of the songwriter and producer. With that being said, to use that song as a shining example of devil worship in the music business, you are saying that Ne-yo and Chuck Harmony are devil worshippers. Thats stupid!! That’s beyond stupid it’s immature. Artist should understand art. So with Tiffany Evans rant, I can safely say that the title artist should not be part of her bio.

Ne-Yo also tell how he came up with the Concept:

I’m listening to the track, and all I can see is Rihanna and some random person sitting across from each other at the table with a gun sitting in the middle of the table and playing Russian roulette. And I just started thinking, ‘What would go through your mind if you was in that situation?’ It just all started coming together, and Rihanna has never been one to be afraid to take a chance, especially with me. She’s always game to do something a little different. I played it for her, and she loved it — went in and knocked it out. The rest is history.”

“It’s definitely dark, but if you think about it, ‘Thriller’ was dark, but it’s one of the biggest-selling records of all time. Nobody’s really going out to play Russian roulette or thinking about killing themselves or nothing like that. It was just an interesting topic over a crazy beat, and who better to pull that off than somebody like Rihanna?”

Well there you have it so Tiffany Evans might be right on her part and Ne-Yo has made some valid points. I can see Tiffany’s frustration she can sing But she’s NOT poppin…Honestly, I think the song SUCKS the beat is hypnotizing though, I give her that….But then again Who Gives a Fuck. And another think “Thriller” was horror and and done in fun. Mike never talked about blowing his Brains out ova some love song that argument goes out the fucking window.

Russia Rulette –  Remix( So You can kill Yourself after you

The Rap is the best thing on this song besides the beat

7 thoughts on “Ne-Yo is Upset Bcuz He Worships the Devil???

  1. It is a coincidence that he would end up in this predicament but is it the devil trying to ruin his career? you have to admit that they all have some good songs but ne-yo has a history of writing some of the best songs that I have herd in my hard times. He even has songs to defend him in this situation, make it work. It is a song and if you find someone obssessing over it then you know you may have a problem, you just have to have knowledge to know the difference in enjoyment and depression signs. Maybe they just made it easier to help people that want to be helped on that subject. If I listened to it and I felt that way then I would tell someone straight up because I know that, that isnt me to begin with. Now about the devil worshippers I say Have fun, I am all for Jesus and I know that he is probably playing a joke on the fools who believe that Jesus doesnt have this in his pocket already, nothing happens on accident Remember that if you dont remember anything that I’ve said. I came on this site to read about Ne-yo and found myself protesting, honestly I wouldnt have it any other way Kuz yal is really losing it without proper guidance. This is childish but the Person who made this page did the right thing by debating it. I can appreciate that much. Peace out people, and If you need a friend other than this song that I havent heard yet Dont be afraid to call on him in your car. It sounds corny but your car is a friend when you need one the most lol, im on the bus because I lost mines. Its the simple things, Tiffany saw a problem and call it out from what I see, she may not have done it in the right way but she did that.

  2. i think the girl is right
    cause i received a mail of alot of stuff about devil worship that most of the artist are diong
    and riahann and neyo both of them are involved jay z and beyonce and alot of them more
    pleasde people open your eyes and listen good to what you are listening!!!!!
    go and listen to umbrella and i want you guys to search for the lyrics and read them at the same time that your listening at the song and NOTICE:that it isn’t a love song wich girl would say to a guy:These fancy things, will never come in between
    You’re part of my entity, here for infinity
    When the war has took it’s part
    When the world has dealt it’s cards
    If the hand is hard, together we’ll mend your heart
    Because OR Baby ?cause in the dark
    You can’t see shiny cars
    And that’s when you need me there
    With you I’ll always share

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  4. I think these guys really worships the devil, considering what they impose in their songs. For instance, check out for this songs run this town tonight, Mirror, John, Drop the world, Matrix, poker face etc. They contain nothing but devilish explicit. That includes Ne-Yo as well!!

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